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25 grudnia 2014

the Truth

The biggest battle in the contemporary world especially in the western civilization is the battle against the Truth. The Truth must be killed, distorted, silenced, perversely presented, softened and muted and finally destroyed.

Since the time of the Old Testament's prophets, through John the Baptist till Jesus Christ -THE ULTIMATE TRUTH- and going on for 2,000 years after Christ ... the Truth is killed, persecuted, silenced, executed, neglected, distorted, muzzled, suppressed  .... in the name of freedom, political correctness, for the sake of peace or happiness, to avoid the scandal, to protect the interest of some powerful persons, to not ruin somebody's career, or to not destroy somebody's image, to not upset few "hyper delicate" persons ..... different reasons, one purpose .... destroy the Truth, because it is awkward, unenviable, difficult, uncomfortable, inappropriate, embarrassing or undesirable, uneasy ... clumsy.

And yet, as Jesus said "you will  know the truth and the Truth will make you free" (J 8:32)

As long as we are avoiding the truth we are not free, we are slaves .... and we will die as slaves .... Only the Truth has the liberating power. Every manipulation, every softening or dulling every compromising of the Truth is treason and betrayal.